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Climate risks are complex. Our many years of experience in climate research have taught us that. The idea of making climate data usable for companies so that they can position themselves more resiliently against climate risks was the motivation for founding repath. From our office in Hamburg, we work daily on the continuous development of our Climtelligenc Solution according to the best available research.

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Our expertise for your challenges

Over 10 years of experience in climate research

Liza Altena

Co-Founder & CSO

Liza has several years of experience in sales and leadership and is responsible for international markets, organizational development and New Work.

Navneet Singh Arora

Software Development

Navneet previously worked as a software manager for several years. At repath, he’ll be working on software development with a focus on data integration and infrastructure.

Sebastian Bartels

Co-Founder & CTO

Sebastian worked for several years as a business intelligence consultant and is focusing on product design, IT integration and data analysis.

Matthias Mildenberger

Software Development

Matthias is committed to Fridays For Future Hamburg and worked for several years on Full-Stack Development and Big Data.

Julius Pröll

Co-Founder & CEO

Julius has several years of experience in applied climate research and is responsible for climate risk assessments, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Thomas Remke

Co-Founder & CIO

Thomas has a Phd and several years of experience in climate research and is focusing on climate modeling, climate data analysis, and climate risk analysis.


Climate Risks, Sustainability and New Work.

As a ClimateTech Startup, we aim to have a significantly positive impact on the common good and the environment. All our processes are geared towards climate neutrality and sustainability. We stand for diversity and inclusion and have a modern, new way of collaboration.