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We enable society to adapt to accelerating climate change. Now.

Our Purpose


Climate risks are complex. Our many years of experience in climate research have taught us that.

With our impact and purpose driven team in Hamburg and around the globe we are committed in making climate data actionable for companies, continuously enhancing our solution based on the latest research, enabling businesses to strengthen their resilience against climate risks.

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repath’s actual core – the bright minds behind repath

Combining Climate Science, Tech and Business Development expertise for a climate resilient Future.

Navneet Singh Arora

AI Climate Software Developer

Leveraging a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and his impressive background in previously serving as a software manager, Navneet focuses on data integration and infrastructure within our software development.

Sebastian Bartels

Co-Founder & CTO

Sebastian, our Chief Technology Officer, leads the way in tech developments. With a solid background in data modeling and simulation, his contributions are invaluable. Sebastian’s experience as an IT consultant has sharpened his skills in data-driven analytics and supporting IT departments and users. With his guidance, we consistently remain at the cutting edge of technological innovation.

Matthias Mildenberger

Climate Software Development

Matthias brings extensive experience in data engineering and Full-Stack Development. His expertise contributes to the smooth functioning of our software solutions.His insatiable curiosity and relentless drive for continuous improvement ensure that our products are at the forefront of innovation.

Liza Altena

Co-Founder & CCO

Liza, our accomplished leader, drives marketing, sales, people & culture and organizational development at repath. With a decade of global sales experience and a strong track record of revenue growth, she brings invaluable expertise to our team. Liza’s visionary approach and exceptional sales and leadership skills ensure that our company excels in delivering exceptional results and driving business success.

Laura Sanchez

Climate Expert

As an Environmental Engineer expert on Integrated Climate System Sciences, Laura brings experience in climate data analysis and climate change. She combines her understanding of the climate system with her skills in data handling, programming, and statistical analysis to develop climate risk indexes and drive product development.

Miriam Valkenberg

Product Growth Manager

Miriam’s expertise in entrepreneurship, innovation management, SaaS, and start-ups is instrumental in driving repath’s growth and development. She excels in customer success, reporting, product management, and fundraising, ensuring our company stays ahead in the industry and delivers exceptional value.

Eyal Ben Yaakov

Sales Development Manager

Eyal combines his B2B SaaS sales experience with passion and motivation to ignite momentum for repath’s solution. His keen understanding and proactive approach make him the go-to person for anyone interested in our solutions. His exceptional customer-centric mindset ensure that every interaction propels our sales efforts to new heights.

Micaela Palacios

Marketing Passionate

Micaela has become the driving force behind our marketing activities. Her sharp instincts and creative mindset fuel our brand’s growth, amplifies our message and connects us with our target audience like no one else, leaving a lasting impact in the market.

Julius Pröll

Co-Founder & CEO

Julius plays a pivotal role at repath, overseeing fundraising, product development, and strategic partnerships. Leveraging his extensive background in applied climate research, he leads product development, prioritizing customer value. With a unique blend of passion for climate challenges and entrepreneurial acumen, Julius navigates fundraising and provides strategic direction, driving repath’s growth.

Dr. Guillermo Ludueña

Python and Science Developer

With 15 years of experience in developing software across various industries, Dr. Guillermo has made significant contributions to space infrastructure projects and played a pivotal role in groundbreaking discoveries. His expertise and experience make him a valuable asset to our team.

Dr. Thomas Remke

Co-Founder & CRO

As the chief climate officer and head of Research and Development at repath, Thomas brings immense value to our team, equipped with a Ph.D. in climate science and seven years of experience in climate research. With his expertise in climate modeling, data analysis, and risk assessment, Thomas offers unparalleled insights into the intricate realm of climate change, solidifying his position as an invaluable asset within our organization

Marc Beeg

Climate Risk Expert

With many years of experience as a natural catastrophe modeler in the reinsurance broker world, Marc brings a wealth of knowledge in climate risk assessment. His background in environmental system sciences adds depth to his expertise, driving our innovative approach to climate risk management.


Climate Adaptation, Sustainability and New Work.

As a forward-thinking ClimateTech Startup, our unwavering mission is to create a profoundly positive impact on the common good and the environment. Anchored in our commitment to climate neutrality and sustainability, every aspect of our operations is meticulously designed. We embrace diversity and inclusion, fostering a modern and innovative approach to collaboration that drives our collective pursuit of a better future.

About Repath | Climate Risk Management and Resilience Solutions

The founding story.

At the Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS), Thomas and Julius identified the challenge of inaccessible climate data and businesses struggling to address the growing impacts of climate change. Driven by a shared vision and propelled by a common purpose, Sebastian and Liza swiftly joined the team, united in their commitment.

Their vision was a scientific, automated software solution that could empower companies to tackle climate challenges while making a positive impact on the planet.

In August 2021, repath was founded, marking the momentous birth of a company fueled by the collective determination of its founders to forge a path towards a sustainable future.