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Limited Enabler Package:
Prepare your business for physical climate risk reporting!

Obtain reporting-ready physical climate risk assessments for 10 of your most prized assets compliant with TCFD requirements and in preparation for the CSRD and advance your expertise in collaboration with our experts.

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Mandatory climate risk reporting within the EU starts in 2025 – climate risk is a threat to your business today! Demonstrate your commitment to transparency, responsibility, and resilient strategies, create trust with your shareholders, and align with your auditor before the last minute.

Our limited physical climate risk reporting enabler package offers 4 months of access to the repath.core platform for 10 assets conducting a portfolio assessment, including 2 months of hands-on climate enabler consulting, deep-dive analysis for 2 chosen assets, extensive knowledge transfer from reporting and climate experts, and guidance materials like necessary documentation and methodological description. All enabling you to continue fulfilling your own analysis.

Science is our core and shows in the accuracy of our data. This offer is designed specially to get you started and focused and knowledge transfer and enablement, our platform approach ensures scalability if you plan on rolling out a companywide resilience strategy.

“Companies and investors should seek to better understand their exposure to climate risks and offer greater disclosure and transparency on climate-related risks, in line with the guidelines of the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).”

S&P Global

The need for physical climate risk information

Today, you can demonstrate commitment to climate risk transparency via voluntary frameworks like CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) and TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures). These frameworks not only require companies to report on climate risks but also encourage them to provide increasing granularity. By voluntarily engaging in comprehensive climate risk reporting, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to transparency, responsible risk management, and sustainability.

Are you required to report under the NFRD?

If your company is currently reporting under the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD), it’s essential to prepare for a significant shift. In early 2025, the introduction of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) will require companies to report on the new ESRS Standards for the first time. Physical climate risk reporting will be a crucial pillar of the CSRD, ensuring that companies disclose their exposure to climate-related risks and their risk management practices.

CSRD - the future of reporting is looming closer!

With the implementation of the CSRD, reporting on physical climate risk is no longer an afterthought. It has become a fundamental aspect of sustainability reporting. The CSRD aims to enhance transparency, improve comparability, and enable stakeholders to make informed decisions. CSRD is set to impact nearly 50,000 companies, representing about 75% of businesses in the European Economic Area. Compliance with the directive is crucial for organizations to stay competitive and align with evolving sustainability standards.

The significance of climate risk reporting is increasing globally. Let’s be proactive about tackling this complex topic! "Many companies overlook the pressing, often surprising, array of climate risks they face. By understanding them better, leaders can safeguard their business and identify opportunities to compete in a decarbonizing world." - pwc

Limited reporting enabler package for physical risk reporting

What we offer

Our limited package enables you to add initial physical risk reporting to your non-financial reporting next year. Whether you already feel the need to report based on TCFD guidelines or are getting ready for CSRD, this offer is the easiest and most resource-efficient way to tackle this complex reporting challenge.

How it benefits you

Create trust and transparency with your shareholders and align with you auditors’ expectations by tackling this topic ahead of time. Gain valuable feedback before compliance becomes mandatory, fine-tune your current voluntary reporting based on reliable scientific insights, and improve your approach.

Let's start the journey

We’ll support you on the journey of understanding risk based on emission scenarios, and climate models. Instead of researching incomprehensible and hard-to- access databases, the data needed for your analysis will be provided to you automatically while ensuring accuracy of the results based on high-resolution simulations in line with the newest scientific standards.

→ This gives you the space to focus on resilience strategies – let our science team do their job and save time to do yours.

Benefit from repath's intuitive climate risk assessment platform as well as the expertise of climate scientists and reporting specialists today.

Limited physical climate risk reporting enabler package

2 months of hands-on support

Engage in an initial workshop together with us to understand your specific situation and needs.

Conduct a portfolio assessment for 10 crucial assets to gain a comprehensive understanding of their exposure to future climate hazards and allow you to identify hot spots.

Dive deep into the 2 of your selected assets, conduct a detailed risk assessment, and evaluate adaptation options.

We equip you with the necessary guidance to dive deeper into the rest of your assets in the platform.

We offer you a Q&A session on the topic of physical climate risks, regulation, climate data & models, future scenarios etc.

We will provide you with the necessary documentation and methodological description you’ll want to put straight in your reports.

→ 2 additional months of platform access and continuous support so that you can conduct your own analysis

Why repath?


Trust in our unique scientific approach – Science is our core.


Our vision for an actionable climate resilience journey will show you the path towards sustainable growths.

Customer first

Decide for our customer-centric development approach. We work with you to maximize your value.

Repath | Climate Resilience Solutions | Addressing Climate Change
The Solution – intelligent, trustworthy and easy-to-understand.

Climate Resilience Journey from repath

repath’s platform is powered by geolocation data and offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to effortlessly upload your asset data. With a focus on accuracy, our platform analyzes climate indices across the three categories wind-, water-, and temperature-related hazards . With a grid resolution of 12 km x 12 km in Europe, and 25 km x 25 km you can precisely manage and prioritize risks, seamlessly leverage insights to make informed decisions, and effectively manage risk.









All around the globe

Enjoy global coverage, allowing you to identify, understand, and manage risk worldwide.

Highest available resolution

Experience the highest resolution available with a 12 km x 12 km grid in Europe and a 25 km x 25 km grid elsewhere.


Climate Risk Scoring

repath provides easy to use “Risk Scores” from low to excessive risks to help our customers assess the intensity of the risk their assets face in the most precise manner.

This offer is targeted specifically towards repath’s solution climate reporting use case. Are you ready to go beyond and future-proof your business? Click here!

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Your go-to contact poeple are Liza, repath’s Co-founder and Miriam, repath’s Climate Risk Reporting Rxpert. 

Liza Altena and Miriam Valkenberg

Additional Benefits

This is the opportunity to secure additional benefits at a special price!

Add Additional Assets:

Expand your portfolio assessment and gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s climate risk exposure across a wider range of assets. Ensure no stone is left unturned and strengthen your resilience against potential climate impacts.

Add Value Chain:

Go beyond individual assets and assess the climate risk implications across your entire value chain. Identify vulnerabilities and opportunities throughout your business ecosystem, enabling strategic planning and proactive risk mitigation (this will be required for the CSRD).

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