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Priotizing Climate Resilience:
How investing companies increase their ROI and fulfil reporting regulations.

Empowering investors to stay ahead of the greatest risk on earth for more profitability and compliance.

repath’s innovative investing solution empowers Private Equity and Infrastructure investors to manage physical climate risks accurately and transparently, make more profitable investments, and meet their reporting needs.

Repath Core Features | Climate Risk Management for Businesses

Our solution is based on the latest climate research, providing a more accurate and higher-quality analysis of physical climate risks than any other solution on the market.

Identify potential investment threats years and decades before they happen.

Your challenges are our solutions.

Investing in Climate Resilience | Climate Change Risk Management

Infrastructure losses due to climate risks are estimated to be $4.2tn by 2100

Do you have the transparency about the climate risks of your assets?

Empowering Investors with Climate Resilience Strategies

Ignoring climate risks in investments decisions will drastically harm investor ROI

Do you have climate risks strategies for your portfolio?

Empowering Investors for Climate Resilience and Profitability

> 95% of forward-looking decisions for infrastructure investments do not consider climate risks!

Do you factor climate risks into due diligence for new investments?

Achieving Climate Risk Transparency in Investment Portfolios

Mandatory climate risk reporting obligations are emerging globally.

Are you ready for the climate risks disclosure obligations?

Repath | Climate Resilience Solutions | Addressing Climate Change

Unlock higher ROI, identify asset risks, and drive climate-resilience decision-making for investors while ensuring reporting obligations are met

With over 400 regional climate simulations from prestigious research centers worldwide, our precise climate data provides high-resolution projections of 12km x 12km in Europe.
With three future scenarios - RCP2.6 for sustainability and climate protection, RCP4.5 as a middle-of-the-road option, and RCP8.5 for business-as-usual/fossil-fueled development - our software empowers customers to prepare their organizations for the consequences of climate change up to the end of the 21st century.
From consecutive dry days to max wind speed, our absolute values of all indices (mean across the simulations, ensemble approach) provide our customers with the context and clarity to understand the concrete changes to their locations.
Cooperations with international research institutions for the most accurate and always up-to-date regional climate models.

Unlocking value for your through relevant strategic and operativ use cases


Manage your portfolios climate risk exposure

With comprehensive climate risk transparency, investors gain a deep understanding of potential climate risks of the existing overall portfolio of assets. By enabling effective planning and targeted mitigation measures, our solution minimizes the risk of financial loss and preserves asset value, ensuring long-term success in a changing climate.


Future-proof your investment portfolio

One of the key use cases of our solution for the investing industry regards new investing decisions. Identification and understanding of future climate risks enables better decision making which results in increased returns and a reduced risk profile.


Fulfil reporting obligations

Our solution also includes features designed to help investors stay compliant with regulatory requirements. For instance, we provide the basis for conducting the mandatory climate risk screening outlined in Appendix A of the EU Taxonomy, which is necessary for obtaining the SFDR 9 classification. Our solution reduces manual effort and the risk of running into issues with the BaFin or other regulators and auditors, staying away of penalties and fines and maintaining a positive reputation within the industry.

Why choose repath?

Based on research

Trust in our unique scientific approach. Science is our core – with data, you can trust.


Benefit from ourinfrastructure and investing focus and gain deeper insights into your asset specific ROI’s.

Shared vision

Our vision for an actionable climate resilience journey will show you the path towards climate resilient ROI’s.

Customer focus

Decide for our customer centric approach. We work with you to maximize your value.

Ready to take the first step on the climate resilience journey?

Identify your risks today.

Let us start the talk

Your go-to contact person is Eyal, repath’s Sales Development Manager. 

Eyal Ben Yaakov