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Trust in science, trust in repath’s solution

The climate data and approach of repath´s solutions  aligns with the latest developments in climate science and climate risk policies, providing robustnessreliability, and state-of-the-art science for vulnerability and risk analysis. To provide the best data, from science to you, repath’s climate risk indices are based on the outputs of climate projections for different climate change scenarios of regional climate models.

The science behind our solution

Embracing Uncertainty, Unleashing Precision: CORDEX Framework and Our Cutting-Edge Approach to Climate Simulation

Repath Core Features | Climate Risk Management for Businesses

The core of repath’s climate indexes and data relies on regional climate models (RCMs). These models show how the Earth’s climate is projected to change, based on evaluation of the past centuries. RCMs are the result of dynamically downscaling global climate models (GCMs).

repath uses the latest Regional Climate Model (RCM) simulation ensemble from the Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment Framework (CORDEX) to provide customers with individual physical climate risk analyses at the asset and geolocation level.

CORDEX is a program initiated by the World Climate Research Program (WCRP) to provide high-resolution climate projections for climate impact and adaptation assessment, which supports the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and various environmental conventions.

Our data comes from over 400 regional climate simulations from prestigious climate research centers worldwide, ensuring international collaboration between scientific institutions.

This approach assures us robustness in our results and a better understanding of the uncertainty coming from the simulations, contributing to the fine-scale regional to local climate information generated.

Analyze Climate Risks more accurately and transparent with repath’s science-based approach

Global coverage

Our Regional Climate Models (RCMs) cover and enabling our customers to identify, understand, and manage their risk all over the globe.

High resolution

Our grid resolution is the highest available in the market, with a 12 km x 12 km in Europe and a grid resolution of 25 km x 25 km everywhere else.

Climate Risk Categories

repath provides 10 “Risk Scores” from low to excessive risks to help our customers assess the intensity of the risk their assets face in the most precise manner.

We translate science to you

All combined in an intelligent and friendly solution.

Our solution provides 13 climate indices, categorized into temperature-related hazards, wind-related hazards, and water-related hazards. From consecutive dry days to max wind speed, our absolute values of all indices (mean across the simulations, ensemble approach) provide our customers with the context and clarity to understand the concrete changes to their locations.

At repath, we are always working on new climate indices to expand our understanding of changing environment and to have the best solution in the market

Science-Based Solution for Climate Change Risk Management

Sustainability Goals

We take pride in supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 9, 13, and 17.

Our climate indices

Water related

  • Consecutive Dry Days
  • Consecutive Wet Days
  • Dry Days
  • Heavy Precipitation
  • Mean Precipitation
  • Sea Level Rise

Temperature related

  • Hot Days above 30°C
  • Maximum Temperature
  • Mean Temperature
  • Minimum Temperature

Wind related

  • Maximum Windspeed
  • Mean Windspeed

Why repath

repath is born from the essence of science, driven by the belief that a climate-adapted future demands the utilization of the finest, most intricate, and scientifically precise data. Our foundation rests upon direct integration with climate research, enabling us to analyze climate risks with unparalleled accuracy, quality, and transparency, surpassing any competitor. The unwavering trustworthiness and distinctive nature of our approach stand as crucial factors that have won the hearts of our esteemed customers.

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