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Know your climate risks. Everywhere on the globe.

It’s time for climate resilience. 

With the Climtelligence Solution, we enable you to identify climate risks. Individually processed – as an information basis and for deriving concrete actions for your company. To this end, we analyze complex data from scientific climate model calculations and translate them into key figures that can be used for business purposes. In this way, you can recognize the complicated interrelationships of your climate risks individually and at a glance – for the entire 21st century.

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Climtelligence Solution

10 +

Years of experience in climate research

1000 +

Terabytes of climate data

12 km

High resolution climate projections

(where already available)


Climate Indices such as heat, heavy rain, etc.

Climtelligence Solution

We deliver the analysis, you use the results for your company

  • Consider and understand future climate developments to future-proof your business
  • Identify critical elements of your infrastructure or supply chain to reduce potential climate risks
  • Use the insights from our climate risk analysis to better manage the risks of new and existing business infrastructure

We combine the results of the latest scientific climate model calculations for various scenarios of future climate change – a so called climate projection ensemble – with relevant information from your corporate supply chain or infrastructure. In your individual climate risk analysis, we translate this data basis into key figures that you can use for business purposes. This is supplemented by information on range and quality, which is recorded by scientifically sound statistical analysis methods.

Ensemble approach

Climate data

We use the results of the latest and high-resolution climate model calculations and provide you with analyses of terabytes of data processed in our platform.


External data

Connection and interconnection of additional business-relevant data – all from a single source.


Climtelligence Platform

Analyze your individual climate risks with our interactive dashboards in the cloud.

One Solution


In addition to the translation into key figures that can be used for business purposes, information on range and quality is collected and provided through scientifically based statistical analyses.



Get the most out of our dashboards – we support you.



We promote sustainability through Climate Intelligence and pursue transparent sustainability principles ourselves.

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